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NOW TAKING NEW CLIENTS. THURSDAY AND FRIDAYS ONLY. It is with great pleasure, I am introducing new programs to clients. (Alongside the successful Virtual Gastric Band Program). My apologies for being unavailable for the past few months. Unfortunately, I will only be able to start with 8 new clients. Looking forward to chatting with you.

Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program

and Weight / Size Management Consulting

SHEILA GRANGER (UK) Individualised Weight loss Program includes - SG workbook, 2 CD's, weight loss support items, book lending library, DVD loans, in between appointment phone support. The Alcohol reduction Program includes 1 CD and glass.

~ Accredited in 7 new Hypnotic Programs ~ ~~~~~~ CARBOHYDRATE Reduction ~~~~~~ Increasing MOTIVATION and commitment Living with someone who "FEEDS YOU" ~~~~~~ Weight loss MAINTENANCE ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ SUGAR addiction issues ~~~~~~ ~~~~~ DIABETES Type 2 weight issues ~~~~~ ALCOHOL Reduction

PROUDLY ANNOUNCING THAT BellcurveBody has been awarded in the top 25 Businesses in Geelong for Health and Wellbeing. Are you in an UNHAPPY place WITH YOURSELF, UNHAPPY WITH HOW YOU LOOK, UNHAPPY WITH YOUR MOTIVATION TO CHANGE? " I can help you".... Solutions and change management tools are just a phone call away. Please email by contact below or call me to arrange your appointment.

“I absolutely highly recommend Debra’s program to everyone. Her help and professionalism has seen me aspire to lose 4 sizes in as many months . I have gone from a 22 to now size 16 !! I’m also kayaking cycling and golfing … I never feel denied of anything, within reason…. I enjoyed a lovely Christmas and short holiday and have not once felt I could not enjoy myself etc:      I encourage everyone to give this program and Debra a go. I personally cannot thank her enough “.     

Bronwyn Blick – Leopold**

What are SMART goals you wonder? S = Specific. A goal that can target a specific area for improvement. M = Measurable. A goal that can measure the improvement. A = Achievable. A goal that is within reasonable expectations. R = Realistic. A goal that can be realistically achieved given the resources. T = Timely. A goal that specifies the time results can be achieved by.

Virtual Gastric Banding Program Fee Structure 2017. $120 per session from 1 hour 10 minutes up to 1 hour 45 minutes. Total 6 week program approximately 8 hours 30 minutes. Program starts at 6 weeks up to 12 weeks (if required at individual needs basis). Program includes all required items for sessions and maintenance.

It is with pleasure, I can now offer an INTRODUCTORY PRICE $375 (normal price $480) - SHEILA GRANGER (UK) brand new Program. "DRINK LESS ALCOHOL" in 4 WEEKS. This program is only intended for person's who drink SOCIALLY and wish to reduce the amount they consume.


“SPRING (September and October) and SUMMER (February and March) special offers available”

MOTHER’S AND FATHER’S DAY packages at gift voucher price.

ONCE YEARLY ‘CLINICAL TRIAL’ (4 weeks only) offered in month of July $399

Contact BellcurveBody for further information **

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or call 0490 042 859

BellcurveBody provides Clinical Hypnotherapy to enable weight loss without dieting or surgery. Using the Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band Therapy program, along with counselling and goal setting, you will lose weight without feeling deprived or being ravenously hungry. What is the program all about you ask?  Are you looking to get your body confidence back? Or simply struggling to shift those last few stubborn kilos? The Virtual Gastric Band is a remarkable weight loss program pioneered by Sheila Granger (UK) and NOW available around the world with Accredited Practitioners (registered on the Sheila Granger website.com)

As an Advance Practitioner of Virtual Gastric Band Therapy, the program I will deliver TO YOU, successfully harnesses the power that every individual holds within themselves to make changes to their lives. Many people of all shapes and sizes find long term solutions to their weight problems with Virtual Gastric Band therapy.

It is a non-surgical technique which uses the power of hypnosis to retrain the person to be satisfied with smaller portions of food. Clinical hypnotherapy convinces the mind that the stomach is full after a smaller amount and there is no desire to eat more.

A Virtual Gastric Band is like ‘flicking a switch in the brain.’ It changes a person’s attitude towards food and helps them regain control over cravings and bad habits. Feedback shows increased willpower and no need for the person to deprive themselves of the foods they enjoy. Weight is lost naturally and consistently without dieting.


“Hi Debra,

Put on my new size M jumper and size 34 jeans yesterday for the first time. Went to my Doctor to get my recent blood test results. In essence, NO MEDICATION NOW REQUIRED.
I have had to buy 3 smaller size suits for work too.
Still haven’t wanted to have anything sweet either.
Thanks for all your help in getting me to this point”.
Lu T. Geelong**

“Thanks so much Debra,

I honestly have to say this to you. I started this 9 week program with you, not having any faith in it. I’ve tried everything and every diet known, and I really expected this to be the same. Just something else I have tried and failed at. Hypnotherapy and the VGB was my last ditch attempt at my goal, my dream. After the first 2 weeks with the counselling, I connected the dots to my issues and WHY I have been eating the way I did. I say did, as now, ALL those issues have gone. I feel in control for the first time in my life. My food choices are different and I no longer crave sugar. It just doesn’t factor into my life anymore. The most remarkable thing for me is that I am fully satisfied on the smaller portions of food. Please say ‘thank you’, to Sheila Granger for developing the most remarkable program. I am now looking forward to a fitter, lighter life. Everything seems brighter”.

S. James. Drysdale**
“Thanks Debra,
Going a lot better than before I started your program and am still hovering around 10-12kg weight loss. Still eating off small plate and only three meals a day. Long way to go, but I’m so different now and very confident what will continue to happen. Started new job recently and lots going on, but I’m doing great. Without your program, I would still be sitting on the couch, eating biscuits”.

Helen B. Belmont**

“Hi Debra,

Still going really well. Thanks so much. Still walking every day and 3 meals. Lots of comments from people ALL the time. Lost about 28kl up to now”.

Sharon O. Lara**

“Hi Debra,

I think I’m good thanks :-). Went to a 3rd birthday party 🎈 had some almonds before I went and just as I got there, I started to snack on carrot sticks & little bit cheese. So unlike me at a party. This program has changed how I think and do things. Whilst everyone eats party pies, fairy bread etc, I was satisfied on what I was eating. Also for the party, I was asked to make some chocolate rum balls 😁, so I had to go down the chocolate isle this morning, and YES, odd !!! no temptation. It’s just as you said it would be.

Cynthia W. Geelong**

“Thanks Deb,

5 months on and NO temptations. Still continuing to lose weight slowly”.

Mario G. Melbourne**

“Hi Debra,

I particularly want to thank you for the way you got to the bottom of what my eating issues were. I never realised that it was connected with what had happened in my past. I thought as an adult, I was acting and making choices rationally. Now I know, this was NOT the case. Without the Counselling within your program, I would still be on the roller-coaster ride of my food issues. Thanks so much. Now all those issues have gone and I am gradually losing weight and feeling healthier than ever before. We should all be so grateful for the “Sheila Granger” program. It is wonderful”.

Mary P. Leopold**




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