Looking below, do you have AN AUTOMATIC connection with any

of the photographs in the columns?

Portion size, or type of foods?

It is amazing how the “same amount of food”, looks so much

SMALLER if you use a larger plate.

Same food, different size plate

Large serving size

The size to satisfy

What did Goldilocks do ?

Goldilocks DIDN’T choose the large serving, cause it was TOO big.

She DIDN’T choose the little serving, cause it was TOO small.

She chose the one in the MIDDLE, cause it was just right.

At BellcurveBody, we will get your subconscious choosing for you, what is, JUST RIGHT for you. Reducing your portion size down from large to ‘what will satisfy you’.


Conversely, we may need to discuss EATING MORE..

Strange, yes I know, BUT…. often a person eats so irregularly, so little, with NO water at all, that their metabolic rate (medium size word with an even bigger sized impact within the body) may need a ‘push in the right direction’… to –

Eat more regularly, therefore NO binging because you are ‘starving’. So, there you have it. A more balanced body, a more balanced attitude and the outcome……  the body just loves it.